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In these turbulent, uncertain times with a lot of dropout and burnout, attention to the well-being and resilience of staff is not an unnecessary luxury. But also 'skills', such as emotional intelligence and agility, are also necessary for organizations to work in a future-oriented way.

Your organization can make use of my workshops for employees, coaching services for managers and a keynote about the rapidly changing world, and soon also training for consultants.

"Niet de grootste organisatie wint, ook niet de slimste maar de meeste wendbare."

Jan Rotmans, transitiedeskundige



The workshops equip employees with necessary competencies for the 21st century, such as resilience, agility, emotional intelligence, communication skills, etc.

They have been developed in 2 ways: as a series of 4 workshops, or as thematic workshops. 

The workshops last 2.5 hours each and take place in the organization. 

Read more about the workshops

Coachingsessie Avansa Brugge,

juli 2022


Are you an organization looking for a sounding board or someone who can help you think about how to strengthen or optimize your organization or make it agile for the future? You've come to the right place.

You can count on a range of services, such as a 'check' of the organization to detect growth points, strategic advice or help with reworking your vision and mission. At your request and tailored to the organization, we look for the appropriate form of cooperation and answers.  

Read more about my coaching offer.

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