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As a company, do you want to invest in the well-being of your employees?

This workshop will give you insight into how you can strengthen your resilience and well-being. 

We start from an overall picture of well-being, and offer concrete information and tools to get started with your well-being. 


The workshop aims to give people  insight into how they can strengthen their resilience and well-being . We do this by giving them information and tools to take control of their own well-being.

We start from a preventive view and an overall view of mental well-being. For us, well-being means: 'security', 'fulfillment' and 'connection'. From there you learn  to regulate yourself, strengthen your autonomy and really connect   with others.

Each workshop lasts 2.5 hours (including a break), but that can be adjusted in mutual consultation.


You can choose whether you sign up for 1 workshop or 4 workshops . The content of the workshops is based on our idea of ' the game '.

  • If you opt for 1 workshop , we will focus on the fact that 'feeling safe' is the first step in 'feeling good'. After all, your conscious or unconscious feeling of insecurity has a huge impact on your stress level and also on your emotions, thoughts, (non-verbal) language and behaviour. Through this workshop you will learn how to regulate yourself to feel good again. 

  • If you opt for 4 workshops , we will discuss the 4 parts of 'the game'. In workshop 1 you will learn the impact of (in)security on your emotions, thoughts, language and behavior and how you can learn to regulate this yourself. In workshop 2 we work on strengthening your autonomy (self-knowledge), and in workshop 3 on social skills and thus the connection with others. In the last workshop  we look at how you can lower your stress level by consciously dealing with your stressors, with your limiting beliefs (such as perfectionism) and with your emotional backpack (e.g. due to bullying or racism). .


View our information brochure here with an extensive overview of the content of the training. 


The workshops are intended for a group of employees of your organization , preferably a maximum of 50 participants.
The workshop will be given live. If desired, the workshops can also take place online. 


How can you request a workshop? Very easy:

  • Decide whether you want 1 workshop or 4 workshops (300€ per workshop, all costs included).

  • Send me an email or call me to set a date.  

  • Afterwards, an e-mail will follow with an appointment note with all practical information. 

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