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The well-being of young people, depression, burnout, etc. Every day we receive reports about it in the newspapers or in other media. However, our knowledge of the subject is rather limited. In recent years, science has come up with numerous research that gives us insight into how we can enhance our own well-being and which help is suitable for which problem. However, this information has not yet become widely available. I would like to change that with my project and my keynote. 


With the keynote I want to inspire schools to really work on well-being and resilience at school. The times in which our young people grow up are hellish and chaotic. Just think of the influence of social media or the successive crises in which they grow up, such as the migration crisis, the climate crisis or the corona pandemic. Then try to hold your own. 

I am convinced that schools can make a difference by teaching young people how to stand strong in these vuca times. 


A large group of young people feels unhappy and lonely. This is evident from numerous research. But what makes us currently experiencing the biggest mental crisis ever (and no, that has not only to do with corona)? And how can we arm young people to stand strong in these turbulent and uncertain times? The keynote seeks answers to these questions on the basis of recent scientific research from various domains.


The keynote speech is intended for secondary school staff. 

The keynote can be requested for a pedagogical study day or another learning moment for staff at school .  ​


The keynote speech can be requested by contacting me by phone or email

The keynote lasts 1 hour, but can be adjusted on request, and costs 300 euros (all included).

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