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How do you function optimally as a person? What makes you happy and successful in life? That you are confident, have good relationships with others, and that you can quickly get back on track after a setback? 

These questions were the starting point for my project. Based on various scientific research, I summarized the answers in the  ME-WE-Model .
Its further elaboration takes shape in the concept of ' the game '.



It offers a 'full package' around well-being . It starts from an overall picture of well-being and responds to all aspects of well-being, not just a few aspects of it.


It's empowering : it gives you the knowledge and the tools to work around your own well-being, so you can decide what extra support or help you might need.

It is preventive : it explains how you can improve your well-being, so that you can take steps yourself and intervene in time.

It is evidence-based from various scientific insights , but mainly from psychology and physiology. 

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