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The ME-WE model

Our operation is based on the 'Me-We model' and summarizes our view of man and the world: people are unique and social beings. The individual (ME) and the collective (WE) are therefore central. In other words, we feel good when we can be our unique selves and feel connected to others. A sense of security is the connecting link between the two.


The ME-WE model is therefore our view on how we function optimally as humans .

THE ME-WE MODEL: What determines your well-being?


You feel good when you find a good balance between autonomy (being strong) and feeling connected with others. Resilience is the connecting link in this.


That is my vision of well-being which I translate as the  ME-WE model:

  • ME : autonomy

  • - : resilience as a connecting link

  • WE : connect with others. 

This ME-WE model has been further developed into a framework that gives you tools to grow step by step in resilience, autonomy and connection . And thus to strengthen your well-being  .

The model is down-to-earth and accessible and based on my personal experiences and on scientific insights from different domains , such as psychology, physiology and epigenetics. It concerns the work of Stephen Porges (the Polyvagal theory), Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Jan Bommerez, Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, Peter Levine, Dirk De Wachter, Paul Verhaeghe, Peter Adriaenssens and many others.


Our ME-WE model is inspired by boxing legend Muhammed Ali's poem. 

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