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With this project I am ready for a new adventure. It's the start of a new story for me. But also not. It's actually more of a logical next step for me.

Read the story of my new project here.


On September 12, 2001 (the day after 9/11) I started my career at Europahuis Ryckevelde. I experienced first-hand the introduction of the euro (2002), the major expansion of the European Union to Eastern Europe (in 2004 and 2007), the economic, financial and euro crisis (2008-2011), the migration crisis (2015), increasing polarization, etc.


Through those years I saw the world and society change . Just think of digitization or climate change. But I also saw people change . Viewpoints became tougher, people became angrier or more anxious about all kinds of social issues.


I started to wonder more and more: what is actually going on with the world, but especially with the people? I went looking for answers, which eventually led to this project.


I discovered, among other things, that we live in an interim: the old system is being broken down,
and the new system has yet to be built. We are, as it were, between two chairs.
And that gives a person a cramp. In my keynote I will therefore take you into what is
is exactly going on and what the link is with the current mental crisis and how you can stand
in these special times.

This interim period therefore puts enormous pressure on both society and people. But how can you ensure that you can live life to the full, despite these uncertain, turbulent times? I try to answer this in my workshops/training and teaching/ information material. We look at how you can strengthen your autonomy, connection with others and resilience. Because I think those are the basic ingredients for living life to the fullest.

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