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Are you not always comfortable in your own skin? Do you often run into the same difficulties in your life? Or do you want to learn to deal with stress better? Then our series of workshops or the online training is a good idea. 

You learn to be stronger, to gain control over what you think, feel and do, and it helps you to better connect with others. 



Our workshop series is based on the 4 levels of 'the game'. In the first session you learn to get your emotions, thoughts, language and behavior under control. The second series focuses on how to become the best version of yourself, and how to discover your unique 'I'. The third session is about how you can work on real connection with others, which has a huge impact on feeling good. In the last session we look at your conscious and unconscious stressors and how you can best deal with them.

View our agenda for this. 


The online training 'Strengthen your well-being' helps you to feel good about yourself . The training focuses on three aspects: working on your resilience, on autonomy (standing strong) and on your connection with others. 

There are three options:

  • Basics : you get acquainted with what resilience is, and how you can strengthen it through simple insights and exercises.

  • More : This is an extension of the 'basics' about resilience and looks at how to strengthen your emotional and social intelligence and how to control your thoughts.

  • Pro : this training bundles all information and tools about 'resilience and well-being'. It allows you to strengthen your well-being at your own pace and according to your needs. 


View all information about the online training sessions here or book your training immediately below. 

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